pitcher and towels

oil on board 9" x 12"
currently unavailable for sale


Olivia said...

Wow, you are very talented. I can't believe how real your stuffed animals look, and the painting of the limes is mouthwatering!

I see by some of your posts that you're selling your paintings on eBay. I'd love to tell you of another way to make some extra money for your art. If you're interested, please feel free to email me at thefunkyolive@yahoo.ca

Keep up the great work! :-)

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Peter Yesis said...

a wonderful elegant and classic painting. The line and light are just perfect. Just a beautiful piece. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

rebecca said...

This is one of my favorite pieces! Keep up the good work

jm said...

Searching for oil paintings websites, I have found your blog. Your style and work are really very interesting. I like particularly the composition and colors of this one. Congratulations :-)